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Scrapbooking Techniques For Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbooking Techniques For Scrapbook Layouts Blog aims to teach scrapbooking techniques to people who want to learn more about scrapbooking. It is geared to share some scrapbooking tips that you will need to whip up your first scrapbook layouts. Moreover, this blog targets to focus more on scrapbooking techniques used by scrapbookers.

Who is Ramintessah Aihara?

I am a Filipina from Japan. I have been living here for nearly 3 years now and happily married to a Japanese national. I finished BS Political Economy and worked as a bank employee one month after I graduated from college. During my college years, I was introduced to internet back when chatting and MIRC was a hit. To know me better, check {100+} random things about me.

Blogging World

Last 2008, I started a blog after getting tired of doing nothing in the house. At first, I was so reluctant to start as I don’t have many things to discuss with. As I learn and get the hang of Blogger and blog hopping, I gain a lot of friends. I started knitting after I saw some yummy knit stuff on crafty blogs. Everyday life ramblings, knitting and blog tags were the main topics of my blog.

Scrapbooking Hobby

In my attempt to create a more personalized Christmas gift for my husband, I decided to make a minibook of our favorite pictures. I searched the net for some ideas and inspiration. On that day, I was amazed by the fabulous scrapbooking ideas and scrapbooking layouts unfolded in my eyes. I started scrapbooking since December, 2008. My scrapbook designs did evolve a lot as I try various scrapbooking techniques I see from other scrapbookers.

Scrapbooking Life

I got so addicted in doing scrapbook page layouts. I even joined a lot of challenges and scrapping forums to connect and mingle with scrapbookers around the world. I had a hard time learning the various scrapbooking terms and the supplies that I should use. The greatest obstacle I had during those times was my lack of knowledge on scrapbook papers and embellishment. I am lacking with some inspiration too. In short, I am totally confused.

Scrapbooking Moments

After several months of blog hopping to scrapper’s blog and joining forums, I felt that I am finally getting the look that I want on my scrapbooking layouts. It’s not easy at first but I realized that I am starting to create inspiring scrapbook layout ideas and projects. I had the honor of sharing my works being in various Design Teams. I did some Guest Design Post where I shared some of my scrapbooking techniques. I heart creating minibooks and crafty stuff and enjoy sharing tutorials at Her Saccharine Scraps.

What’s Next?
It was late August this year that I thought to finally focus more on my blogging and work for my own site. I decided to resign on my Design Teams to further focus more on my personal scrapbooking goals.

Scrapbooking Techniques For Scrapbook Layouts Blog

Because I want to continue more on my blogging, Scrapbooking Techniques For Scrapbook Layouts Blog was born. I feel that I am now ready to share not just my scrapbook layouts with my readers but also some useful techniques and scrapbook layout ideas that will be helpful for novice scrappers.I have had a lot of experience when I was just beginning to learn and explore this hobby. I want to share all of them to you through this blog. This hobby is about documenting life and inspiring yourself and the people around you. I want to convey the basic and root of scrapbooking ideas. I want to create and inspire people to try making their own scrapbook layouts.I might not be the best scrapbooker in terms of design, might not even the best scrapbooker in terms of creativity but one thing is sure I am one of those who believe that this hobby is all about life moments and inspiration. Fabulous and Pretty are relative adjectives. Dont let them hinder or distract you from creating.What makes a scrapbook layout a fabulous page is when it capture the moment and message you want to preserve. After all, Scrapbooking is about documenting life moments.

Are you one of us?

If you are a person who loves life moments and seeking ways to treasure these moments, I strongly suggest you try scrapbooking now. I propose that you continue to read my blog and stay with me. I am here to help you explore more about scrapbooking and will ensure to answer all your questions. Please feel free to check my articles and resources about scrapbooking techniques for your scrapbook layouts. It will be a lot of fun to create scrapbooking layouts with you every week!


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